Hello everyone and thank you for checking in. I’m back with another post. To be honest this one is not the norm as it will just redirect you to a project I’ve been working on with Containerlab. I’m still progressing through the Optimal Routing Design book by Cisco Press. I still haven’t finished the OSPF chapter but little by little.

A while back I mentioned that Containerlab could be an amazing resource in learning environments for individuals getting into IT or instructors trying to show students some routing design or technology involved. This could also lead the class to discuss design concepts or why they were chosen, possibly even collaborate with each other. For example, sharing a Containerlab file is incredibly easy. Going through this process has shown me how difficult it really is to create training content. Thank you to everyone who writes blogs, creates training videos, and helps everyone learn no matter where they are in their career.

I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could create something like this myself. I took a bit of inspiration from CS50X and Nick Russo’s amazing OSPF content. This is definitely not on that level or even difficulty. Currently I am on about week 7 of the CS50X course and it is seriously awesome. In that course, students build a script or a project and then automated testing is performed to validate if a project is acceptable. I created an OSPF troubleshooting lab that has a few problems and then automated testing at the end. Check it out on the GitHub link below as well as the other links shared.

Thank you and happy labbing/troubleshooting.